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Welcome to Jim Hurden Osteopathy.

Jim Hurden trained at the London School of Osteopathy, graduating with a Masters in Osteopathy (awarded Distinction). He went on to complete post graduate Animal Osteopathy training with Stuart McGregor, an acknowledged world authority on animal biomechanics and osteopathic treatment, at the Osteopathic Centre for Animals.

Jim was appointed as a registrant member to one of the committees of the General Osteopathic Council and also guest lectures at the London School of Osteopathy on Safeguarding and Professionalism within Osteopathic practice.

Jim has recently been asked to return to the Osteopathic Centre for Animals on an informal basis as a practical lecturing assistant, teaching animal osteopathy technique. Before practicing Osteopathy, Jim spent over twelve years in the emergency services and outside of practice is an active SCUBA diver and Climbing enthusiast; generally trying to spend as much time off dry land as he can!

When not in clinic, he can usually be found at Avid Climbing in Ipswich, drinking coffee and trying to complete some techy bouldering problem. Jim has trained and competed in a number of martial arts disciplines over the years and has a long standing interest in managing sporting injuries – particularly in horse riders, fighters and rock climbers.

What are Jims Customers Saying?

“Having suffered with pain in my right arm and shoulder for over fourteen years, I am delighted to have found Jim. As well as regular appointments Jim put together a programme I could follow at home which I’ve undertaken fairly religiously! Dog is pretty pleased I’m back to throwing balls for him! I honestly felt the difference after only two sessions with him. Thank you Jim!!”
– Janette, Woodbridge


“Jim has helped so much, not only me as a rider, but my horse too. It has helped us progress tenfold – as biomechanically Jim can treat my own imbalances (I suffer from severe lower back pain) and see how this affects my work with Bree. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jim”

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